About Cook & Beals

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Customers from around the world look to Cook & Beals, Inc. for their honey processing needs.  We are located in the United States in Loup City, Nebraska and have been designing and manufacturing honey extraction equipment for the commercial beekeeper since 1959.  Our goal is to provide the honey producer with the most trouble free, durable, labor-saving equipment in the industry.  We were once beekeepers, so we understand the importance of honey extracting running as smoothly as possible.

The Cook & Beals, Inc. equipment line includes the Box Grabber, Deboxer, Automatic Uncapper, Auto-Load 128 frame Extractor, Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Spin-Float Honey Wax Separator, Wax Melter, Moisture Remover, Honey Tote Scale, Parts and Accessories.

Cook & Beals, Inc. is a 3rd generation family business where corporation papers were filed on November 19, 1964 but the business history goes back further than that.  In the late 1950’s Max Cook, with the financial assistance from J.D. Beals (both beekeepers) and Jim Kuehl’s labor formed a partnership and began manufacturing the automatic uncapping machine. This machine for uncapping honey combs, although with many changes, is still being manufactured today.

In 1969 Jim and Ruby Kuehl purchased Cook & Beals, Inc. as the first generation in our family, and continued to grow with the beekeeping industry in the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Cook & Beals, Inc. has through the years purchased and invented other pieces of machinery that fit in with its high-quality line of Honey Extracting Equipment, awarded both US and Canadian patents.

Cook & Beals, Inc. as a family business in a small farming community have done many things to survive.  We have constructed cattle panels, boat trailers, and have always provided local machine work and general repair work for our community of which blend together to make Cook & Beals, Inc.

7th street view 2014Pat Kuehl, former President of Cook & Beals, Inc. returned from the Navy in May of 1977. Pat was elected Vice President in 1978; to the President of the corporation in 1986.  Pat and his wife, Carol, as the “2nd” generation successfully ran the Corporation and family business from 1990-2015.

Shane Kuehl returned home in 2005 after a stint in Oregon, where he met his wife Tami.  Shane was elected Vice President in 2007; to President in 2015.  Together Shane and Tami, as the “3rd” generation, continue to run the Corporation and family business, and support the honey and beekeeping industry.

The original shop was 12ft by 24ft. The first move was to a 30′ x 60′ house shell. Cook and Beals’ present facilities include more than 20,000 square feet of floor space in five buildings.